Lifeguard Operations 


Lifeguarding Operations

Beaches patrolled by lifeguards are managed by two Patrol Captains who are in charge of managing all operations and performing administrative duties. The Patrol Captains work with a complement of lifeguards at the beachfront to ensure beach goers are safe. 


Lifeguards monitor prevailing weather and water conditions.  On assumption of duty lifeguards do a reconnaissance of the beach area to determine any hazards or concerns which may exist.  Such hazards are flagged and if necessary areas are cordoned off.  Lifeguards are posted on the tower(s) to monitor beach activity in order to render assistance or provide information as the need arises.  Lifeguards make periodic patrols of the beach to interact with and inform sea goes on beach safety. 


The lifeguard service has a “Water Safety Education” department that provides information and basic training for agencies and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), schools, community groups etc.  Some of the services offered are water safety lecture, basic rescue skills, first aid, CPR.


  • Maracas Bay                                                                          669-3531/289-0160
  • Las Cuevas Bay                                                                    669-2677/289-0164
  • Saline Bay (Salybia)                                                             668-4318/289-0166
  • Mayaro Beach                                                                       630-6866/289-0150
  • Manzanilla Beach                                                                 289-0178
  • Salybia Bay (Toco)                                                               289-0172
  • Vessigny Beach                                                                   648-9273/289-0140
  • Los Iros Bay                                                                          649-8576
  • Quinam Bay                                                                           --