The Immigration Division

The Immigration Division is responsible for the control of persons entering and leaving Trinidad and Tobago and the issue of travel documents both locally and at Trinidad and Tobago Missions overseas. The Immigration Division comprises approximately 500 members of staff who operate at offices throughout Trinidad and Tobago including national air and seaports. Trinidad and Tobago Passports are issued locally at six locations: Port of Spain, Chaguanas, San Fernando, Point Fortin, Sangre Grande and Scarborough; and internationally, in London, Toronto, Caracas, Washington DC, Miami and New York

Immigration Offices are located at all ports of entry throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Its range of services include:

  orange bullet icon Issuing of Student Permits.
  orange bullet icon Issuing Travel Documents.
  orange bullet icon Approval of Visas and Visa waivers
  orange bullet icon Granting shore leave and shore passes.
  orange bullet icon Granting Extensions of Stay to non-nationals.
  orange bullet icon Granting of certificates of Immigration status.
  Granting "Pratique" of Health Clearance of vessels under the Quarantine Ordinance.
  orange bullet icon Detention/Deportation of immigrants and prosecution for breaches of immigration laws.
  orange bullet icon Conducting Interviews and preparing reports for Permanent Residence and Citizenship.

The main office is located at:

  Government Campus, 3-9 Richmond Street, Port of Spain
Telephone: 225-4664