The Trinidad & Tobago Police Service (TTPS)

The motto of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is To Protect and Serve with P.R.I.D.E.: 

Professionalism - We will be efficient, diligent, thorough and informed in performing our work and will adopt a deliberate approach to be humble, kind, understanding, empathetic and considerate when interacting with our clients.

Respect - We will exhibit respect, tolerence and sensitivity to each other, irrespective to rank, status or class.

Integrity - We will be honest, applying the highest ethical standards in the performance of all aspects of our duties, doing always what we are obligated to do in an objective and equitable manner, not compromising ourselves to allowing personal benefit to influence our decisions.

Dignity - We will protect human dignity and maintain and uphold the rights of all persons.

Excellence - We will strive to achieve excellence in every service that we provide through our commitment of collaboration, communication, learning, mentoring, teamwork and the implementation of effective strategies.

The TTPS Mandate is to:

  Maintain law and order; 
  Preserve peace;
Protect life and property;
Prevent and detect crime;
 Apprehend offenders; and
Enforce all laws and regulations with which it is charged.

Over 6,500 Police Officers in varying ranks and Special Reserved Police support the mandate of the Service. The TTPS is organized into nine Divisions which cover Trinidad & Tobago as well as 18 Branches, Squads and Units. These include:

Community Police 
  Police Complaints
Special Branch
Guard and Emergency Branch
  Special Branch
Criminal Investigation Division and Criminal Records Office
Special Branch
  Guard and Emergency Branch
  Criminal Investigation Division and Criminal Records Office
Organized Crime Narcotics and Firearms Unit
Fraud Squad
  Court and Process
Police Band
  Mounted and Canine Branch
 Transport and Telecom
  Crime Scene Investigation
  The Audio Visual Unit


The TTPS main office of business is:

Police Administration Building
Corner Edward and Sackville Streets
Port of Spain
PBX: 627-6047/ 627-5217
Telephone: 623-8429