George Michael Chambers was born in Port of Spain in 1928. He bagan his education at Nelson Street Boy's Roman Catholic School and later attended Burke College and Osmond High School where he gained his secondary education. Chambers joined the PNM in 1956 and was elected MP for St Ann's East in 1966. Chambers held a number of portfolios in Government including the Ministries of Finance, Planning, Public Utilities and Education. Chambers was the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security and the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance which were both led by Dr. Eric Williams in 1970. After the death of Dr. Eric Williams in 1981, Chambers was appointed Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago by Presidence Ellis Clerke. Chambers successfully led the PNM in the 1981 general elections but the party lost the 1986 elections. Chambers who also lost his seat, resigned as leader of the PNM and left politics. George Chambers died in 1997.