Career Opportunity

The Ministry from time to time hires lifeguards for our nation’s beaches. Minimum requirements for entry into the service is that one must be physically fit; must be between the age 18-35 years; must be able to swim at least 500 meters in 10 minutes; and have a sound secondary education. 

On entering the service, a lifeguard trainee will be trained all areas to be an effective lifeguard.This includes such activities as: station diary writing, marking rip current using flags, radio communication, use of lifeguard equipment, crowd management, emergency response and of course proper rescue procedures.

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguards do lots of physical training to meet the high demand for physical fitness that is needed in the performance of their duty. They train Monday to Friday for at least one (1) hour. 

In general, the training of our lifeguards is of a very high standard.  Our Lifeguard Instructors are qualified Physical Instructors in addition to other qualifications which may include Scuba Diving, search rescue and recovery of submerged victims, Motor Launch Captain, Jet Ski operators, first responder, etc. Some lifeguards on the north coast are also trained in cliff rescue due to the terrain.  All our lifeguards are trained in life support and some are trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

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