The Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force (TTDF)

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force was established in 1962 under the Defence Force Act 14:01 and was given the following responsibilities:

1. To defend the sovereign good of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
2. To cooperate with and assist the civil power in maintaining law and order
3. To assist the civil authorities in times of crisis or disaster
4. To perform ceremonial functions on behalf of the State
5. To provide Search and Rescue services in keeping with national requirements and under international agreements to:
  - assist in the prevention of trafficking of narcotics and other illegal goods
  - monitor the safety of shipping in national waters
  - assist in the development of the national community
The Defence Force operates from:
  Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Headquarters
Airways Road, Chaguaramas
Telephone: 634-4013/ 634-4554