Application for Residence in Trinidad and Tobago under Section 6 or 50 (1) of the Immigration Act

This service is applicable to persons who wish to apply for Resident Status in Trinidad and Tobago.

Persons making an application using this service are encouraged to view the checklist of documents required by viewing or downloading the checklist to ensure that they meet the requirements stated therein.

Review and select the following links to be able to download the necessary document checklists.

5(3) – Persons who have been residing in Trinidad and Tobago for a continuous 5 year period

6(1)a – Work Permits for Trinidad and Tobago CSME Certificate

6(1)b – Sponsorship of Parent / Grand Parent by a Citizen/Resident of Trinidad and Tobago

6(1)c – Marriage to a Citizen/Resident of Trinidad and Tobago

To view the Immigration Act of Trinidad and Tobago which governs this application please click the link below.

 Immigration Act of Trinidad and Tobago Chapter 18:01