Trinidad and Tobago Forensic Science Centre (TTFSC)

To provide for all an impartial, reliable and efficient forensic science service based on established scientific principles.

The Trinidad and Tobago Forensic Science Centre, a division of the Ministry of National Security, began operations at its present location on December 01, 1983.

The Centre encompasses both forensic pathology and forensic science. The Centre has a staff of eighty (80), which includes a number of highly skilled professional experts in various disciplines.

The scientists collect, analyze and interpret all aspects of physical evidence submitted by police officers and other clients.

The analyses employ the most recent scientific techniques and are performed on sophisticated instruments.

Scientists are also required to give expert testimony in courts of law.

The Centre has a comprehensive database of all evidence submitted which is maintained by Evidence Technicians.

Support services at the Centre are provided by an Administrative Section, HR Unit, IT Unit, a well-stocked library and a Photography Unit.

A DNA modular laboratory was erected in 2007 exclusively for the analysis of DNA.


Forensic Pathology Subdivision is equipped with a modern state of the art post-mortem examination room, interview room and waiting room.

The Subdivision is responsible for performing post-mortems on all cases of unnatural death in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Forensic Science Subdivision provides scientific services in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Firearm/Toolmarks and Toxicology.


Biology Section

  • Examination and identification of body fluids.
  • Body fluids investigated are blood, semen and saliva
  • Identification and comparison of hair and fibre
  • DNA analysis of body fluids, tissues and hair

Chemistry Section

  • Examination and analysis of seized drugs
  • Investigation of arson cases
  • Examination of stolen vehicles
  • Examination and identification of explosives.

Document Section

  • Examination of handwriting and typewriting
  • Determination of erasures and alterations
  • Examination of counterfeit currency.

Firearms Section

  • Determination of calibre of firearm and ammunition
  • Determination of firearm from which ammunition was discharged
  • Determination of the type of firearm used
  • Examination of toolmarks
  • Correlation of shooting incidents using the Integrated Ballistics Identification System IBIS

Toxicology Section

  • Identification of drugs and poisons in body fluids taken at post-mortems
  • Blood alcohol determinations
  • Workplace drug testing.

Main Office

17 Barbados Road, Federation Park
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Tel:  (868) 622-1011
Fax: (868) 622-5443